A bit of a tease: crypto service takes on AdSense

Thursday 13 August 2015

BitTeaser, a new advertising service, brings together advertisers and publishers – with all the benefits of cryptocurrency built in.

Google is the undisputed king of the web, and when it comes to paid advertising they’re the go-to guys. They make it fast, simple and – if you’ve got a site with good traffic – lucrative to host ads.

But they’re still Google and they’re still working with fiat, which means there are inevitable disadvantages. Stuff like minimum payouts, issues with registering bank accounts (if you have a bank account – and a surprising number of people don’t), and the cookie-cutter nature of the service.


But what if you could do the same thing with crypto? The service would be similar – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, after all – but optimised because crypto brings unique flexibility to the model. BitTeaser is doing just that. Like AdSense, BitTeaser acts as bridge that connects advertisers to web sites who will host their adverts. Although it leverages cryptocurrency technology and is focused on crypto businesses and projects, it’s designed to appeal to a wide range of sectors, including Technology, Investing, Finance, Business News, Entertainment, and Gambling.

Advertising, crypto style

BitTeaser offer some impressive advantages over their monolithic competitors’ services, thanks in part to the efficiencies brought to the table by crypto:

  • Highest percentage of revenues per click
  • Banners are fully customisable
  • Ultra-fast registration and deposit – get started almost instantly
  • No bank account required
  • The fully international service enables publishers who would not otherwise have easy access to bitcoin to earn cryptocurrency revenues
  • Efficiency of cryptocurrency means minimum withdrawal is just 0.1 BTC (around $25)
  • Anonymous and irreversible payments
  • Any crypto can be used through a partnership with Danish exchange CCEDK and instant exchange service CCPAYT.

CCEDK’s instant order option allows you to exchange bitcoins or BitShares to USD or EUR. These can also be spent using the nanocard, a debit card that converts crypto balances to fiat from an exchange account in real time, as featured on Forbes – meaning there’s every reason to stay with BitTeaser for the long term.

Getting going

BitTeaser is very straightforward to get started with. You’ll need to sign up, though that’s no big deal, and because you’re not dealing with bank accounts and verification, there are no major delays. In fact, getting set up takes just minutes.

Like AdSense, the webmaster/publisher reserves space on their website and uses a chunk of code provided by the service, that will display and rotate adverts automatically. Publishers can’t choose to display specific ads, or set their own rates of pay, but they can choose the overall topic and type of block or banner displayed. And, unlike AdSense, this bit is infinitely flexible – advertisers can create ads of any size and shape, customising them however they see fit.


It’s just as easy for the advertiser. They sign up (if you’re also a publisher, you can even use the same account) and deposits bitcoin to their account. You can create your own ads or get BitTeaser to provide them for you. Once the campaign has been approved by an administrator, adverts are automatically displayed on the publisher’s site and the publisher is paid per click. There it is: BAM! You’re earning crypto while you sleep.

Keeping out the riff-raff

Anyone familiar with the early days of paid advertising knows that if you can game the system, someone will. For advertisers, that means lost revenues (and because it’s crypto, if they’re gone they’re really gone). BitTeaser uses a series of manual and automatic procedures to ensure only high-quality sites are employed for advertising, and that fake clicks are disallowed. IP address and other checks are carried out, and advertisers can always opt to block undesirable sites from hosting their ads, if they want. Any concerns and questions are dealt with quickly and personally.

Websites are also evaluated on several criteria to ensure they are suitable and offer high-quality traffic. Registration date and traffic volumes are checked (so if the site’s a week old but gets 100,000 hits, someone will be raising an eyebrow), the standard of content is evaluated, search engine rankings researched and regular tests for hidden links conducted – meaning that any visitors to the site are likely to be genuine or will get booted out in short order. BitTeaser payouts vary but are are higher for better sites, judged by quality of website, traffic volumes, cost-per-click and number of unique users – plus the efficiencies of crypto means they’re proportionately higher than in the fiat world.

Writers partnerships

A new service to be launched in the coming weeks enables writers to submit articles for advertisers to display, thereby using unique content to drive traffic to the site – and pay writers in cryptocurrency for their work. An affiliate scheme is also offered for those who like to get paid for doing nothing.

Still here? What are you waiting for? To register with BitTeaser, visit https://www.bitteaser.com/registration/

This article was sponsored by Ronny Boesing and CCEDK

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