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Brainwallets: A cautionary tale

Last week I wrote about the rock-solid security of the bitcoin protocol, and how the issue of transact...

2014-02-27 12:07:47


How secure is bitcoin?

We’ve been hearing a lot in the last week about ‘transaction malleability’, a glitch in the implementation of some exchanges’ wallet software. article

Amazon was a bubble too

Disclaimer: This article makes comparisons between bitcoin and the dot-com boom and bust of 1999-2001. It’s worth saying that I’m a big believer in bitcoin’s long-term future. ...

2014-02-14 11:37:38


How many people really own bitcoins - and why does it matter?

Bitcoins, in case you hadn’t noticed, are quite a big deal at the moment. A lot of people are talking about them, there’s a lot of noise in the media and a whole lot of momentum buildin...

2014-02-10 12:15:44


BRITCOIN: Where and how do you buy bitcoin in the UK?

When looking at global bitcoin adoption, the UK might well lag behind the USA and, more recently, China, but according to article

What next for the price of bitcoin in 2014? Bulls, bears and honey badgers

Bitcoin has been through the mill in the first couple of months of 2014. From an all-time-high of around $1,200 in December, prices recently fell to less than half that – and at one point, br...

2014-03-05 13:10:09


The Curious Picture of Bitcoin in the UK

Continental Europe has embraced bitcoin in a way that even the US, the land of freedom and opportunity, has not. Across the English Channel, though, the picture is not as clear. Britain is home to ...

2014-03-13 16:09:38


Five challenges bitcoin must overcome to go mainstream

Bitcoin has already come a long way in a very short time, and from the growing media coverage appears to be on the verge of breaking through into mainstream adoption. However, there are a number of...

2014-03-17 09:48:07


Will the banks adapt to bitcoin?

The banking sector has not embraced bitcoin, for obvious reasons. There are huge, vested interests at work here. To date, the banks have been the gatekeepers of our financial transactions, even tho...

2014-03-25 19:53:32


Mystery Bitcoin Game: The Hidden Keys

My uncle was a polymath whose interests encompassed everything from science and maths to ancient languages and chess. In the early stages of bitcoin he became intrigued by the idea of cryptocurrenc...

2014-04-04 19:00:02