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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Trouble sleeping? Here’s something that should help.

Every now and again we take a look at one of the many businesses in our directory and around the world who have shown the prescience to accept bitcoin payments. These regular stores (most of them, anyway; some are downright weird, but that’s another matter) are the vanguard of financial revolution, having opted to integrate a means of payment that most of society doesn’t even understand or use - yet. Ordinary merchants doing something extraordinary.

And what could be more ordinary than wanting to get a good night’s sleep?


Sleep, like bitcoin, is in limited supply around here

Where I come from, thanks to young children, sleep is a commodity that is more restricted in supply and consequently more precious than bitcoin. When David Keam dropped me a line wanting to discuss both, I was interested to hear his thoughts.

David runs Best Sleep Centre, a tantalising Nirvana where a good bed is all you need to secure that golden 8 hours. But he also has an interesting take on bitcoin.

Barter doesn't work

If you have started to lose trust in mainstream money, there are limited options available for you. There’s gold and silver, of course, though not too many people accept these as money any more. There’s also barter. Barter isn’t really a big deal in the UK, or in many other places around the world, but it has gained some traction in America. It makes sense, from one perspective; barter has been around forever. Left to their own devices in the playground, it’s what kids naturally and intuitively do: swap Stuff for Other Stuff. But it has its limits, hence the need for money as a universal medium of exchange.

As David explains, ‘Companies are always trying to get me to trade my products in their barter systems. The reasons I won't are simple. I can't pay any bills with barter I can only trade my hard goods primarily for services with people I don't know or for restaurant food. Simply put I cannot convert barter to cash and cannot pay my mortgage with it.’

Money is broken

Once you’ve accepted the principle that 1) our monetary system is held together with sticky tape and wishful thinking, and 2) any alternative needs to be convertible enough to pay the bills, then you don’t have too many options. ‘The US government spent the last 2 or more years pumping 85 billion a month into the economy of newly printed debt just because they could and wanted to. The trust people and banks have with the US government was not broken because there is no one else more trustworthy. Now there is yourself and myself. Barter does not work. Bitcoin is the future. Best Sleep Centre will accept your Bitcoin on our Shopify website for any of our products and ship anywhere in Canada and the US.’ Moreover,‘if someone sends me photos of the product they want and information on the store it's in, I will contact the supplier direct and they can buy it in bitcoin and I will ship or I will buy from the store and they can pay me for it in bitcoin. Either way the use of bitcoin goes up as any furniture excluding appliances can be had in bitcoin.’

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for bitcoin and blockchain technology, and this dawning realisation that there is a viable alternative to mainstream financial structures is just one of the reasons why.

And that’s something else that should help you sleep better.


Brandon Hurst

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