Biggest Bitcoin Gambling Win

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Want to know where a huge stash of bitcoins has just gone? An online bet with cybercasino Just Dice has turned one gambler's fortunes around with winnings of 11,000 bitcoins, equivalent to about $1.3 million today. It is thought to be the biggest bitcoin win in gambling history as this story by Partick Howell O'Neill at The Dailt Dot reports:

In just one weekend of furious gambling, a single Internet high roller has taken home close to 11,000 bitcoins—or about $1.3 million. The man, known online as Nakowa, has turned one of Bitcoin’s most popular and profitable casinos into a loser. What no one can figure out: Is he a cheater, a genius, or the luckiest man on earth?

This is almost certainly the biggest gambling win in Bitcoin history and, as of early Monday morning, Nakowa is still betting high., a European-based cybercasino offering a set of dice games played for the highly valuable digital currency Bitcoin, has been on a roller coaster ride.


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