bit4coin launches €1,000 Bitcoin Photo Contest

Tuesday 08 September 2015

Want to earn €1,000 in bitcoin for your bitcoin photos? Here’s how.

Bitcoin broker and gift card provider bit4coin is launching its Bitcoin Photo Contest today at Anyone can submit their best bitcoin photos and win €1,000 in bitcoin. Visitors can upvote images and tip artists directly in BTC. ‘We felt bitcoin is lacking images and pictures. Most mainstream media articles feature similar photos of physical Bitcoins’, says Dolf Diederichsen, CEO of bit4coin from Amsterdam. ‘The bitcoin photo contest is an attempt to change this.’


Upload, vote, tip, win. Easy.

Artists can submit as many photos, drawings, or other works of art as they want, as long as the images are connected to bitcoin. Visitors can browse photos and upvote them with one click.

The submission period ends on October 15, and a jury of bitcoin news sites (including BitScan) will then pick their favorites. The winner will receives €1,000, with a second prize of €500 and €250 for third place. Prizes are delivered in bit4coin vouchers, which are denominated in Euros, and can be redeemed immediately for bitcoin at Artists retain all rights to their images.

Besides prizes, every submitted photo has an associated bitcoin address, so visitors can browse and send bitcoin to the photos they like - thus voting with real money in addition to voting with likes. bit4coin will transfers all tips in full to artists after the contest ends. BTC tipping leverages Bitcoin’s core strengths:

1) Global and permission-less: Anyone from all over the world can earn bitcoin with their artwork. All they need is a free wallet. And any visitor can tip in Bitcoin as well.

2) Micropayments and low fees: Sending and receiving low amounts (tips) for artists and visitors is cost effective - you really cannot tip 50 cents with a credit card.

3) Transparency: Anybody can see the popularity of each photo in the blockchain!

‘We hope artists and visitors will have as much fun with the contest as we had creating it’, adds Dolf Diederichsen. ‘And we hope it adds value to the entire bitcoin community!’

bit4coin offers three products:

  • An easy way to buy bitcoins in Europe for consumers
  • A bitcoin gift card product, currently live in stores in Spain (coinay) and Turkey (bitupcard)
  • B2B bitcoin voucher services, which businesses can use for loyalty/reward products or as an easy way to pay out contributors in bitcoin.

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