Bitcoin and the first elf-driving car (happy Christmas from Mercedes)

Monday 28 December 2015

Self-driving cars, powered by bitcoin. What could be better? This.

A recent article suggested that the next generation of self-driving cars would combine with bitcoin or blockchain technology to pay for the services they provided and required.

Look at it this way. A self-driving car is only the start. What customers will want is a seamless A-to-B experience, and that’s likely going to involve a lot more than your car staying in the right lane and avoiding other cars.

You’ll need to pay for tolls automatically, for example. Navigation data and traffic reports, all up-to-the-minute accurate - but only when you need them, rather than on an inefficient annual subscription basis. Wi-fi coverage, when you’re in range of a public network. Paying for fuel, new parts, documentation, tax and other services. There’s a role for microtransactions for per-use application, but also for regular payments, perhaps without the hassle and inefficiencies of registration and credit card payments. It’s the ultimate IoT (internet of things) application. So, what could be better than a car that drives, parks and pays for itself?

Well, since you ask, and since it’s Christmas, those nice folks from Mercedes have got the answer.

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