Bitcoin christmas shopping Guide, Part 2

Monday 15 December 2014

Check out some more cool gifts that you can buy with cryptocurrency this holiday season


Gifts For Kids

Tantrum in san Francisco is filled with kid-centric well-designed gifts for kid’s and grown-ups alike. How about  the Kids Cinema box to recreate the beloved experience of going to the movies in your very own home! insert the story discs into the shadow torch to convey five different stories. great for storytelling and playtime! 


fairy costume

Peach Melba Fairy costume from the fairy wing repair shop. Gorgeous rich colours in organza, satin and velour, finished with pretty pink and yellow flowers. This colourful peach melba fairy comes with a matching wand. 1-2 years / 2-3 years / 3-5 years / 6-8 years


ZenWheels Micro Car - Orange from zen wheels It's a tiny micro miniature mechanical marvel that you can control precisely on your desktop, or just about anywhere! Unbelievable proportional precision controls with rack and pinion steering and super smooth gearbox means you can really maneuver like a real car unlike any other RC car you have tried before! It's a super high quality iPhone rc car like you have never seen before

spinz gives you the largest selection of the cool spintops. Snap Circuits® makes learningelectronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful pictures in our manual and build exciting projects such as AM radios; burglar alarms; doorbells and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics. No tools required. Includes Projects 1-101 manual. from adafruit

solar grasshopper

Solar Grasshopper bug from Gadget tree. There is no better, or more fun way to learn about renewable energy than with these great solar powered bugs. Each bug includes a solar panel, so all you have to do is find a patch of sunlight, sit back and watch them go for a run. The small, but perfectly formed bugs, move off at high speeds as soon as they come into contact with the direct sunlight, and they come to a shuddering halt when they go into the shade. Absolutely no other power sources or batteries are required. These cute little critters are the perfect eco friendly gifts, and they are an ideal introduction to solar power and renewable energy sources for young people.

Gifts for the Nerd in your life

In-car video camera from The Dashcam storeBy viewing the dashcam footage from other drivers, and using your own dash cam, you can understand and avoid certain risks which you may not have been aware of before. And of course, should you be involved in an accident, your dash cam will provide evidence of the truth for you should proof become necessary.


gunnars gaming glasses

 Gunnar Gaming Eyewear from I-P Mart. Featuring an extended coverage frame and a custom designed carbon socket set, the STEELSERIES SCOPE gaming glasses offer the serious gamer a unique style with the reability of GUNNAR lens technology to protect their eyes, stay focused and play longer.

Now while you're on the edge of your seat watching the charts go up up up! or if you're just sitting at home waiting for your Bitcoin bought pizza to arrive, you have a Bitcoin pillow to bring you comfort. Cratsquatch manufactures pillows inspired by the online worlds of tech and design,

Nerd Merit Badges, 1.5", fully embroidered, Velcro-backed. Attach to your jacket, your backpack, or the lid of your over-clocked, battle-scarred laptop. Available in a range of different designs, start a nerd sash!

Gifts you didn't know you wanted!

led laces

Led Shoelaces from Dino directAwesome and Eyes-catching Great for the parties, night jogging, safety and all kinds of night time fun!

anthrowear custom tail

A custom-made tail from Anthrowear Furry apparel. Make a furry fashion statement with hanmade tails ears, hoodies, hats and more. "We know how important it is to get your tail exactly how you want it." Simply fill in the questionaire and anthrowear will endeavour to make you a tail to your own specifications.

jesus toaster

A jesus toaster from Burnt Impressions. Toast an image of Jesus on your bread every morning! Burnt impressions also do a range of other novelty toasters including a selfie toaster.

During the Cold War, Spies from both the East and West used Hollow Coins to ferry secret messages, suicide poisons, and microfilms undetected. Purchase your own Spy coins from

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