Bitcoin in bricks and mortar

Thursday 22 May 2014

Online bitcoin business is booming. BitScan's own directory sees new businesses joining up every single day and now has just shy of 7000 companies listed. 

bitcoin accepted here

What is also becoming more common are the number of brick and mortar businesses that accept bitcoin. If there is one thing that is going to help bitcoin become more day-to-day and help shake off its image of online geekery, it is seeing the convenience store down the road proudly displaying its sign stating:  Bicoin Accepted Here.

BitnMortar have just launched their new Bitcoin Travel show, showcasing some of the growing number of brick and mortar outlets that have embraced cryptocurrency.

In their pilot episode they feature businesses from a brewing supplies retailer to solar energy suppliers, a physical bitcoins merchant to your everyday convenience store. It is a short but enlightening overview of just how wide-reaching the bitcoin ecosystem is. 

For businesses considering whether to accept digital currency, these merchants discuss why they made the decision, how they take it and what their experiences have been so far.

Charles from Pacific Brewing Supplies says, "I think [bitcoin] has a lot of potential beyond even beyond being a currency... People are using it like a commodity and I think it'll morph more into currency and then we'll start seeing it used for a lot of other things..."

He adds, "I thought it would be a good way of bringing people into the store and I was interested in bitcoin so it was a good way to promote bitcoin too."

Harold, owner of Go Green Solar started learning about bitcoin three years a go and says he thought, "it paired very well with solar energy; the notion of independence and decentralisation – also adopting new technology and differentiating ourselves from all the other solar companies out there."

Take a view of the video above and see for yourself not just what bitcoin can do for business but how you don't have to go as far as you think these days to find a bitcoin business near you.

Louise Goss

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