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Monday 14 December 2015

There’s a new PR agency in town, run by crypto businesses for crypto businesses

Marketing can be a difficult job in the crypto world. It’s really tough to sell a new business to the non-crypto world, because there’s a conceptual gap to bridge. Then it becomes either a matter of education, or creating such a compelling business proposition that it’s a no-brainer (that’s the approach Bitscan itself has taken with its marketplace, where customers can pay with a credit card or receive a chunky discount for crypto payments).

Marketing within crypto isn’t so easy either, though. There are plenty of people around the world interested in bitcoin, but where do you find them?

There’s the forums, like bitcointalk, which represents a huge concentration of interest in crypto. Unfortunately, it’s also the largest concentration of trolls in the known world and reaching the right people effectively is hard. There’s crypto the news sites, but some of the largest (when they’re not putting an unhelpful spin on stories for their own ends) are prohibitively expensive - and have limited reach to their own audiences, anyway. One in particular demands $20-50,000 for a month's promotion, including articles and a banner campaign.

It’s a problem that new PR outfit Bitfirm plans to address with a set of reasonably-priced but effective publicity packages. Articles on four or five well-established crypto sites, press releases, banner ads, direct mail and a strong social media presence feature prominently. It's also multi-lingual, reflecting the global nature of crypto and the need to tap into English-speaking, Chinese, Russian, French and other markets. Social media is particularly important, because it’s a powerful way to reach a very large number of people who have self-selected by following crypto pages and accounts. The whole thing is run transparently, with funds passing through one bitcoin account for distribution.

 Social media

Multi-lingual and packing a powerful social media punch, Bitfirm offers an attractive approach to crypto marketing

Perhaps best of all, this is an organisation full of members who already work in crypto and know the sector inside-out. All of those involved have both feet in the crypto world and are involved in numerous other businesses and initiatives - which is what has given them a platform for effective publicity in the first place. No one is starting from scratch. It’s a coming together of well-positioned individuals and groups who have formed a PR agency in response to a service they recognise is badly needed.

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