BitScan Multichannel launches: powerful, zero-risk crypto sales tools

Monday 14 September 2015

We want to do something amazing with BitScan Multichannel, and we want you to be a part of it.

Today's post comes from BitScan CEO Rob Wilson, as BitScan launches its Multichannel iniatitive - empowering merchants to maximise their exposure and drive bitcoin adoption.


It may just be me but over the course of 2015 - and against a backdrop of continued pressure on price - bitcoin seems, in the court of published opinion at least, to be regarded an increasingly poor cousin to the technology that it powers. It is curious to me that as investment continues to pour into fintech startups that leverage this technology, the surrounding narrative increasingly paints bitcoin - the currency - as unwanted stepchild, as though one could, in some way, be separated from the other.

Further, while I understand and embrace the charge to reduce friction in transaction and exchange, it strikes me that it will never be possible to completely eradicate the presence of currency from the transactions and remittances it enables, because as smart as the UX gets, even seamless exchange in and out of fiat incurs cost. And for this cost to be met, the payer of it needs to have made a conscious decision to do so; to ‘opt-in’.

This being the case, mainstream adoption is - in my opinion - unlikely to be secured without a sufficient minority of people, both merchants and consumers, making the conscious decision to ‘opt in’. And what they’ll be opting-in to is the concept of holding - if only briefly - and transacting in the currency.

Which means that contrary to the headlines commerce remains central to the adoption story and where this is concerned, the merchants are critical, because without them there is simply nothing to transact for.

On this front, it is clear that simply pitching bitcoin payment APIs into the market has left both merchants and consumers underwhelmed. While established alternatives exist, insufficient consumers currently want to transact with digital currency ‘for the sake of it’.

Thus, deficient any tangible benefit to either party, widespread take-up is destined to hover around stall speed.

Which is why what the clever team at have done is so significant; they have found a way to generate a tangible benefit to people for posessing and transacting in bitcoin. I think we need to build on their example. Specifically I think we need to pack so much value into a merchant offering that it makes no commercial sense to decline it. In the first instance this means helping them achieve more sales, with digital currency an option rather than the only option, while ensuring that they retain a greater share of sale revenue when customers transact in digital currency. We should leave the question of whether this saving is passed back to consumers with the merchants. Finally, we should further promote exposure to digital currency through gifting it to both merchants and their customers as reward for fair trading.

To put this theory to the test, BItScan has just launched BitScan Multichannel, with our initial focus on California and the West Coast.

We want to empower merchants to drive bitcoin adoption by doing what they do best - and benefitting from the advantages bitcoin offers in the process. Help us to do that by taking a look at the Multichannel page, using our tools and giving us feedback. It’s fast, powerful and zero-risk. In a spirit of openness that is intrinsic to bitcoin, I have committed to reporting back at regular intervals as our efforts to take this concept to market mature. Even if we fail, we will learn much in the process that ought to be of benefit to others.

Rob W.

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