BitScan multichannel: marketplace launches this weekend!

Friday 02 October 2015

As an online merchant, you want great exposure, you want low costs, and you want reliable transactions. In other words, you want to sell as much of your merchandise as possible to as many people as you can, for the best profit margin and with the minimum number of complaints and chargebacks.

That’s what BitScan multichannel is all about. We want to help you maximise your sales, with the minimum of stress. E-commerce shouldn’t be any more complicated than that.


Sell more, for less stress, with zero risk

We believe that cryptocurrency offers huge advantages for merchants and customers alike. It’s secure, it’s fast, it’s super low-cost, and there’s no risk of chargebacks or payment processors interfering in the transaction process. So we’ve leveraged that in our new initiative, and we think you’ll love the results.

We’re so sure about this that we’ve built a set of powerful, zero-risk tools to help get merchants set up with a storefront almost instantly. Your inventory is uploaded to the cloud and it’s immediately marketed across 10+ channels. We believe in crypto, but know that the majority of consumers still prefer credit cards - so they can use whatever they want, though of course there are discounts for using bitcoin and other digital currencies.

This weekend, we’re launching Multichannel with the first six stores - and another five are in the pipeline for the next week. If you have inventory and want to sell more of it for less hassle, just get in touch and we’ll get you set up.

Oh yes - and we’ll pay you for referrals. If you send businesses our way, you will earn a 20% share of all revenue generated by the clients you sign up. Forever.

Want to know more? Take a look here or drop us a line.

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