Buy anything from Amazon for bitcoin

Tuesday 22 December 2015

It’s finally here, courtesy of Austrian crypto broker Coinimal.

Euro bitcoin broker Coinimal have just launched a new offering: you can buy vouchers for for bitcoin, with zero fees. It’s currently confined to the German site, but we have to hold out hope that it will be expanded in the foreseeable future.

It’s a very simple service to use. You don’t even need to be verified. You simply sign up (email address is all that you need) and send Coinimal your bitcoins. After three confirmations, you’ll immediately receive a voucher code by email for the exact amount, at market rates.

The service is offered via a direct partnership with, so these are original vouchers and can be bought in any denomination, from EUR 25-5,000 (the minimum purchase and daily limit).

It’s a pretty cool service. They’re just regular voucher codes, so they can be redeemed within your account and used to buy literally anything on the marketplace. You can use part voucher and part regular payment, if you want, and anything you don’t spend is kept on your account for next time.

That makes it a great way to buy Christmas presents with bitcoin (or, if you’re really lazy or have awkward friends, send them a voucher code). If you were smart enough to buy a few bitcoins a couple of months back when the price was half as much, you’ll also make some nice savings on your Christmas shopping.

And that means, absent a local Walmart, you might just be able to buy everything on my favourite Christmas shopping list, courtesy of Jeff Foxworthy.

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