CCEDK evolves: the Decentralized Conglomerate

Friday 13 May 2016

Danish exchange CCEDK is to relaunch as an enterprise crypto ecosystem engine

The days were when it was enough to run an exchange. MtGox (we pronounce its name in a whisper) was responsible for some 70% of the bitcoin market, until it imploded in February 2014. Today, the proliferation of services means that exchanges have to offer added value in order to attract and retain customers: liquidity, leverage, wallet services, trading tools and, more and more, a combination of such facilities.

The resulting process is one of Convergence: different elements of the crypto world are increasingly being brought together into a single hub, meaning that users have everything they need under the one roof.

Convergence: that’s the buzzword for the idea that you can have a separate phone, camera, MP3 player, clock, diary, GPS and coffee maker – but isn’t it handy when they all come in the same device? (Ok, not the coffee maker. Yet.)’

This is exactly what Danish exchange CCEDK intends with its forthcoming relaunch.

Blockchain ecosystem

After months of work behind the scenes, CCEDK – Denmark’s first and foremost crypto exchange – will spend several weeks offline to allow a major upgrade to its services. The extensive programme of improvement is the culmination of numerous partnerships and new initiatives, which will benefit traders and businesses in diverse ways upon relaunch. Trading will cease at the end of May, allowing June for withdrawals – during which time the exchange will receive a significant overhaul and integration with key new services, including OpenLedger, BitTeaser Blockchain Advertising Network, and the Obits Bloggers’ Club 500.

CCEDK will relaunch on 1 July with a redesigned website and a new set of services, including escrow facilities, crowdfunding, marketing and even issuance of assets on behalf of interested parties. While the company will keep the same acronym, it will now be called ‘Crypto-Coins Enterprise Denmark’. The CCEDK portal will act as the investment knowledge hub for the Decentralized Conglomerate, which currently includes Openledger, Obits, BitTeaser and other blockchain-based projects.


The BitTeaser advertising network is one of several projects comprising the Decentralised Conglomerate

Gateway to OpenLedger

At this point, CCEDK will transition from hosting an exchange to operating as support for the OpenLedger project by becoming a service center and fiat gateway for the platform. This will consolidate the volumes of the two exchanges, while giving CCEDK a new position as the entry point for start-ups or businesses looking to raise funds – offering vital knowledge and experience, and enabling developers to serve end users better. Users who do not retrieve their funds from CCEDK before July 1st will still be able to access all available assets on OpenLedger or have them sent to the address of their choice.

Supporting Enterprise

As part of its new offering, CCEDK will sell ICO packages to businesses seeking to raise funds, as a way to generate revenues for Openledger and CCEDK. It will offer tiered packages that come with different levels of advertising and blogging support. The basic package will include creation of a token, a fixed number of blog articles written about the company from the Obits Bloggers’ Club 500, and a number of BitTeaser advertisements; higher-tier packages will enjoy increased advertising and blogging support. A proportion of the revenues from consulting and selling ICO packages will flow into OBITS and BitTeaser, as supporting assets, whilst another allocation will be made to holders of a new asset, ICOO.

ICOO launch

20 May will see the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for a brand new initiative, ICOO. ICO season is back in full swing, and this innovative new asset will allow holders to benefit from future ICOs by investing in them and making proxy tokens available to trade before they launch. The fund will purchase assets from supported ICOs and create tokens representing these on OpenLedger in the period before the official release of the project. As with other new projects, a proportion of ICOO assets are reserved for OBITS – a catch-all asset representing all current and future initiatives in the CCEDK network. ICOO funds will be distributed across several other key projects, aside from team funding: BitTeaser advertising network, Obits-based blogging network, the DGX gold asset, the Cadastral land contract asset, as well as a reserve buffer and implementation budget.

‘While the plan for CCEDK is to create an ecosystem that supports blossoming start-ups with blockchain-powered security and built-in marketing support, the greater goal is to establish an engine that truly reflects what the market wants, and puts capital where the market demands,’ states Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK. ‘The Decentralized Conglomerate will help accelerate industry through a coordinated Enterprise secured by the blockchain – but is ultimately powered and driven by its people.’


This article was sponsored by Ronny Boesing and CCEDK

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