Earn bitcoin for your writing

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Are you passionate about digital currency? Do you have a way with words? Fancy earning bitcoin for your work?

How about joining BitScan's community of new writers and bloggers?

BitScan is looking for new writing talent and that could be you. If you can write high-quality, insightful articles and features, then read on...

• Sign up and create a profile on the BitScan website and you can start submitting your work through our writers blog.

• Once complete, we will then review your piece for publication.

• If we decide to publish, you will be rewarded for the amount of interest your article generates!

We are looking for unique perspectives and original content. Features, interviews, shorter articles, thought and comment pieces and product reviews are all relevant. In planning your article, target areas of the eco-sphere that will resonate with at least an element of the commercial sector. Bitcoin is broader than you might think and spans areas such as: finance, technology, regulation, politics, economics, human interest, consumer and business news.  

As well as promotion of your work and professional profile, our unique payment structure allows you to be rewarded for your writing on an ongoing basis.

We are disrupting the publishing model!

Just as bitcoin is a disruptive technology and available for everyone without barriers, at BitScan we aim to replicate this in the way we pay for and publish your work. 
We are keen to encourage new writing talent and offer a platform for new writers, journalists and bloggers to gain exposure. 

We are committed to helping promote your work and profile via our website, app and social media. 
We are also introducing a unique and revolutionary payment structure, which rewards authors for taking the time to create quality, insightful work, thus generating as much interest with our readership as possible. 

Here's how it works... 
Authors are paid in bitcoin for each page view that their article receives. 
What is more, those payments continue for the life of that article. This model allows you, the author, to keep receiving payment for that same article a month, a year, two years down the line, long after it is written, as long as it is still getting views.

Bitcoin lends itself to the transfer of small payment amounts and so BitScan are capitalising on this to pay our writers for their work. 
Unlike with other payments systems, such as Paypal, where the transaction costs and fees would negate the value of a small payment, with bitcoin this is not the case. 

We understand a lot of people interested in and wanting to write about bitcoin would appreciate getting paid in this non-inflationary currency. 
We also appreciate that many people are still looking for ways of getting hold of bitcoin without going through an exchange. 
We believe our payment structure solves this for those people and this is why we are starting to pay our writers in bitcoin!


Still interested? Want to know more?

Create your BitScan writers profile and contact us to declare your interest and for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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