Farlaweb share issue: business on the blockchain

Thursday 19 November 2015

BitScan talks to a Dutch entrepreneur who has raised funds and issued crypto-assets for his real-world business.

Crypto offers massive benefits. It’s transparent, borderless, efficient and fast. I chatted to Peter Farla, a web designer who has recently used the crowdfunding potential of the blockchain.


Peter Farla, web designer and cryptentrepreneur

1) So, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Peter Farla and I live with my girlfriend and our dog in the Netherlands. Since elementary school I’ve been interested in running a business. I started my own environment protection company at the age of 9 and collected money for non-profit organizations every month by doing tasks together with my ‘employees’. I like the magic of creating my own business and making that successful. After high school I studied Multimedia Design. We didn’t learn much about internet development, but about CD-ROM productions. In those days (late 90s) CD-ROMs were the future. Haha, they bet on the wrong horse...

I am creative and love design and technology. And on the other side am I always looking for business opportunities. I started my own company straight after college. Designing websites with Apple computers and trying to make the website successful was my passion. I also loved figuring out what visitors want and how to persuade them to become a customer. Farla Webmedia was founded 15 years ago and I still love creating online concepts and helping out clients.

In my spare time I love taking long dog walks, drink a beer with friends, catch a movie, play games or play squash. And the rest of my time is filled with a lot of cryptocurrency… ;)

2) What prompted you to issue a cryptostock for your business?

I’ve been into Nxt since late 2013. I was very impressed about the possibilities it has to offer. Nxt is becoming more and more a platform for business. I wanted to expand my business and needed a financial boost for that. I love the Nxt Asset Exchange and use it all the time, looking for business opportunities. I thought, Why don’t I try it for Farla Webmedia? The Nxt Asset Exchange is easy to use and issuing an asset only costs 1,000 NXT [currently about $7]. For me it was kind of an experiment, too. I wanted to show the possibilities for businesses in crowdfunding of the financial platform of Nxt. It’s a real life business case.

3) There are several 2.0 platforms which might have been suitable for such a purpose. What made you choose Nxt?

I was into Nxt almost from the start. Before that I was mining bitcoin and other altcoins. Nxt caught my attention because it was completely new and different from all the other altcoins. Most altcoins were a copy of bitcoin and that didn’t interest me. Only Ripple was new too, but it was too much a corporation for me. I liked the PoS [proof of stake] idea and noticed it was much more environmentally friendly than bitcoin mining rigs, which eat energy like a cookie monster on steroids. I experienced myself that mining BTC was not profitable any more because of the Difficulty, which was rising like crazy. I needed to buy equipment every few months and the delivery of that equipment was very uncertain. Companies promised to deliver but a lot of people were scammed. I wanted to get far away from that. So I got into the world of PoS, a far smarter system, and much more relaxed.

In the months after buying NXT, Nxt kept delivering new features and the community was growing. I liked how helpful and respectful the community was and we started a new Nxt forum after the Nxt thread on Bitcointalk grew out of proportions. The development of Nxt has been such an exciting ride, much more so than bitcoin. Bitcoin still has almost the same client as when I started in 2013. Nxt is so much better and has real ideals, such as real decentralization and building a future financial platform for the world in a environmentally friendly way. The rest of the 2.0 cryptos are founded as a company whose target is to make money. Nxt doesn’t have these goals. Nxt just wants to change the world for the benefit of its people and companies, no strings attached.

Thanks to Nxt I understand the world better and how people make things happen together. Things don’t start on their own; individuals need to take action and create what they believe in. That’s Nxt. Don’t complain to governments, go into politics yourself. Do you want to create your own currency? Do it. If you think we need a new forum, start one! Together we create the world. The Nxt community is a world on its own, with troubles, solutions, ideas and a lot people who volunteer to make it happen. I love that in Nxt!

4) How did the asset sale go?

The launch of the FARLAWEB asset was well prepared. I got the idea late July. In the beginning a lot of things weren’t clear for me. But with the help from the community I created a concept. The launch of the crowdfunding was spectacular, in 3 hours all the 135,000 assets were sold and my crowdfunding was complete. That evening was really crazy. I saw a lot of NXT coming into my account. I am very grateful to the people who bought assets and supported my company.

5) Do you have any advice for people looking to launch a similar asset?

I can recommend issuing an asset on the Nxt Asset Exchange to everyone, but be sure you look into the legal and financial aspects. Create a clear goal, gain trust and be helpful to people who want to support you.

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