FU Apple

Saturday 22 February 2014

  As many of our readers will know, we recently launched a crowdfund to get BitScan onto Android. As you will also know this was always the intention but when our friend at Blockchain were unceremoniusly ejected from the App store it forced our hand.

   So far so good, the campaign was 25% funded within 12 hours of launch.

  Anyway, in homage to Blockchain's ejection , we felt it appropriate that one of our pledge rewards immortalised the fury that Apple's heavy-handed and monopolistic decision caused throughout the bitcoin community.

   Inevitably, we chose to do this through a T-Shirt and today we have been working on the design.

This is what we like for the front...

And we thought this would be appropriate for the back.

  If you like the idea of strutting your stuff in one of our FU-Apple T's, the only way of getting your hands on one will be to help us get the largest bitcoin merchant directory on the planet onto Android - and you can do that by following this link and cheching out our pitch on Max Keiser's new crowd funding site StartJOIN.  See you there!

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