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Thursday 14 January 2016

We’re almost ready to launch, and you should prepare to be impressed

Bitscan is almost there. We believe that bitcoin offers huge benefits to both merchants and customers. That’s why we’ve built a beautiful, elegant marketplace, with tools to enable merchants to get set up with a bitcoin-enabled store quickly and easily. Now, we need to sign up more businesses and enlist web hosts to help us drive adoption and get the crypto economy moving!


Buy anything, from anywhere, for bitcoin


  • Set up a new shopfront fast - and upload your inventory in minutes
  • Have your products listed across multiple channels and a wide range of sites
  • Receive bitcoin or credit card payments
  • Promote the crypto economy: customers receive a 5% discount for bitcoin payments.

See examples and find out more at

Web hosts

  • Add value to your site by putting our entire e-commerce network at your visitors’ fingertips
  • Earn recurring income by receiving 50% of sign-up fees from new businesses
  • Keep your own branding for the marketplace search
  • Replicate across as many sites as you want

What you’ll need

  • Bitscan’s Open Source API - download from BitBucket (link tbc)
  • Bitcoin address or bank details for monthly payments

See examples and find out more at

We'll keep you posted with details as soon as we're ready - but it won't be long now. Stay tuned!

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