Interview with Trace Mayer: Investment in bitcoin startups

Monday 03 February 2014

After hearing from several angel investors in our article here, we thought we would share with you the full interview we did with bitcoin angel investor, author and entrepreneur, Trace Mayer.

He spoke to BitScan at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Las Vegas in December about what he looks for in a potential investment opportunity and why he thinks bitcoin "is going to be massive."

Find out where he thinks the opportunities and risks are for bitcoin startups, where the future of investment in bitcoin is going and why he believes the US is not currently a big enough player in the space.

"The capital's not in the place anymore, it's in the human mind, and that human mind can go somewhere else."

-Trace Mayer

We began by asking him what encourages him to invest in a company.

Listen to the full interview with Louise Goss here!

Problems? You can also listen to the full interview here:

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