Life... gets in the way

Friday 16 October 2015

Due to a family emergency I need to take a couple of days out, which means I won't be able to post this week's market report and news round-up. My guess is that the world will keep turning without it. (If I'm wrong, I can only apologise in advance.)

Worthy of note, briefly, is bitcoin's steady rise over the course of the last month, now comfortably above $250. There may be a couple of big confidence-building projects to thank for that, namely the Winklevii's fully regulated and compliant Gemini exchange, and the new Bitcoin Tracker EUR launching on the Nasdaq Nordiq - both of which will provide new liquidity.

The alts, meanwhile, continue to suffer, with BitShares being dealt a brutal blow in what was supposed to be their moment of triumph, the launch of OpenLedger. 'Sell the news' to the order of 20% down or more has been the order of the day, but problems with the migration process (specifically exchanges not being properly notified) may also be to blame.


Bitcoin: the line goes up, so it's all good

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