Making WAVES part 1

Thursday 24 March 2016

WAVES is a bold new 2.0 initiative. I catch up with its founder to learn more.

Sasha Ivanov runs the Coinomat instant exchange service and is the founder of several other projects in the crypto world. I’ve known Sasha for a couple of years, and worked with him personally on a couple of projects over the past year, and there are few people who have such a reputation for consistently delivering, both technically and from a business perspective. So it’s a pleasure to be able to announce he will shortly be launching his own 2.0 crypto platform: WAVES

Q: You’ve been in crypto for 3 years and a member of Nxt almost since the beginning. What made you want to start your own platform?

A: I came to the Nxt ecosystem at the time when its market capitalization and interest from crypto community reached its peak. Unfortunately it all went downhill from there. The reasons for this are various - poor initial distribution, lack of vision on part of the developers team, some poor choices regarding system architecture. But I never doubted the viability of a colored coins platform on an independent blockchain. Custom blockchain tokens can be used in very many ways, their potential has only just been tapped into. So I want to pick up where Nxt seems to have left off, by building the ultimate colored coins platform, focusing on crowdfunding, fiat tokens, and community projects.

Q: Why the name WAVES?

A: Humanity had discovered gravitational waves a couple weeks before I decided to build the platform, so it was a natural choice for me. WAVES symbolizes the interaction which emerges in communities - gravitational energy which brings people together, energy of attraction and cooperation.


Its name inspired by the recent discovery of gravitational waves, this new platform promises to be something impressive

Q: Crypto has really diversified in the last couple of years - there are protocols out there for just about everything. Anonymity, smart contracts, 2.0, storage, proof-of-audit, blockchain-as-a-service… What will WAVES’ unique selling point be?

A: We're focusing on mass adoption. It might seem to be a little pretentious, but our focus is exactly that - we're building the system with a very flat learning curve, with interfaces familiar from online banking and trading experiences, integrated fiat currencies, and with the main user client being just a browser plugin. After the plugin installation a user has a decentralized kickstarter/payment system functionality right in ther browser!

Q: Crypto can still be pretty libertarian/anarchic. Your view is that we will only change the banking system by working with it. Can you say a little more about your vision for WAVES in that respect?

A: We do not support the crypto-anarchy stance, an ‘us-against-them’ approach. Banks are here to stay for the foreseeable future. The current trend in blockchain technology is permissioned blockchains, and this is what we find to be disconcerting. We need to offer the established financial system open blockchains to work on, and not let them ‘privatize’ blockchain technology.

Q: How can I keep up-to-date and invest in the ICO?

A: Please visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter or join our Slack group


In the next part of the interview, we'll be looking at some of the technical and financial details behind WAVES.

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