Missing Keys: Clue hints revealed

Wednesday 23 April 2014

We have a winner!

Guessed with just six hints... Congratulations to the code cracker who has been in touch to receive a bonus prize. Keep guessing though beacuse this clue might well become part of the bigger picture!

Since my uncle mysteriously disappeared, he has been leaving cryptic clues to help me trace portions of his bitcoin fortune. The first private key was successfully guessed but since then, he has been in touch and left further clues to another private key. So far, no one has guessed it but I have been studying the clues and think I might have come up with a few ideas.

bitcoin private key mystery

Hints revealed

My uncle loves his cryptic codes so I am wondering: "..." is that Morse Code?
G-B-D-F – I'm fairly sure that's a guitar chord!

360' could be a lot of things. 360 feet, 120 yards... but the only one I can see that fits is 360mins, if you convert that to hours.
1001... is that binary again?

Now a puli is a type of Hungarian sheepdog... Knowing how my uncle thought, I guess that's a kind of 'canine'. Also, MDMA... that's the chemical name for Ecstasy, or 'E' so if you haven't guessed those yet, these might help.

You might be well ahead of me though. I'll keep trying to figure them out but if you manage to get there first, be sure to let us know to claim the bigger prize.

Brandon Hurst

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