Missing Keys: The mystery continues

Thursday 17 April 2014

The plot thickens...

After the mysterious disappearane of my uncle, I have been trying to solve the puzzles he is leaving and perhaps by the end I will discover what has happened to him. 

Well, I was impressed at the speed with which the first puzzle was cracked. I’m guessing that the funds being swept from that address served as a signal to my uncle that I was on the right track and had started to work out how he planned to communicate with me, because when I woke up this morning and checked my email there was a message in the draft folder that I certainly hadn’t written.

It hadn’t been sent to me: it was composed in my account, while I was sleeping.

A brilliant solution! The Internet era’s answer to a dead drop. Instead of leaving a physical package in an agreed location, you simply log in to the same email account and compose a message without even sending it. It’s almost untraceable: there’s no record of the email being sent or received. And he could have been anywhere in the world at the time.

Finally, I have some kind of confirmation that he’s alive. Not only that, but the fact he managed to get into my email means he’s not on his own. My uncle’s range of interests is broad, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have that particular skill set. So he’s working with someone else, presumably a hacker or security expert of some kind. He wants me to know he’s safe, but he wants to stay hidden – and he’s not taking any chances.

The message in the email was brief:

‘Well done. First of three attached. Piece by piece and all different for safety. I’ll know when you’ve got it.’

The attachment contained another grid, similar to the first one I’d found. I guess that the next two pieces will be different kinds of puzzle, but I’ll only find that out when this one is solved. Once again, I assume that the key is all capital letters and numbers. The difference this time is that the grid is a different size, and the final row of characters is in bold. I don’t know whether that’s significant or not. Good luck! If you manage to solve the puzzle and sweep the funds, please get in touch (twitter, email or facebook) so we can recognise the winner and give you a further reward for your work.

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Brandon Hurst

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