Mystery bitcoin game: The clues are revealed

Monday 07 April 2014

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to the successful code breaker. 


Well, the mystery continues and so far, no one has managed to claim the prize and guess the private key to my uncle's bitcoin address.

Take a read of the full story and as and when I come up with some answers, I will update this article.

Mystery bitcoin game by BitScanI've been racking my brains and I think I have now come up with a few of the answers, ot at least, I can provide some hints, which might help you figure out some of the clues.

I have managed to work out that the size of each block is determined by how many characters of the private key it contains. Therefore, the first clue must be four characters, whereas 111 must only represent one character.

Knowing my uncle's interest in early North American people groups and their languages, I'm guessing that Bridge River Rapids is SETL.

I'm also inclined to believe Roman Numerals feature in this in a few places and that includes LIV.

Keep checking this page as I come up with more ideas.




Preview image: Anna on Flickr

Brandon Hurst

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