Nepal appeal: Freebieservers runs fundraising promotion

Thursday 30 April 2015

Freebieservers, a gaming server company that embeds cryptocurrency payments into its business model, is running a promotion to raise funds for Nepal.

The earthquake in Nepal has killed over 5,000 people, injured thousands more and made countless people homeless. Nepal has asked for help in whatever form it can be sent, including food, water, blankets, shelters, vehicles and personnel.

Nepal quake

Promotion and direct donations

To raise money for the relief efforts, Freebieservers will be selling servers at standard rates, with 25 percent of all sales going to the Red Cross. Take a look at their fundraiser page here. They are also running a reddit campaign to raise awareness.

Donations can also be made via Freebieservers in bitcoin and a large number of other coins. Note that you can donate to Red Cross directly in bitcoin with BitPay, though you’ll need to fill in some further details.

Cryptocurrencies offer an ideal way to donate to charity:

  • Low transaction costs means payment processors don’t take a cut of donations.
  • International payments are possible - in fact, they cost just the same as local ones.
  • Micropayments are possible. It is efficient to send even a few dollars.
  • Anonymity is protected (to a degree), an important consideration to some donors.

BitScan will be exploring the idea of hooking charities up with crypto-enabled sites soon. Given the advantages, it’s a great use case for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For now, check out the Freebieservers fundraiser.

About Freebieservers

Freebieservers offers gamers free servers to host their games. Revenues are generated by advertising and by charging for upgrades. Freebieservers have embedded cryptocurrency payments into their platform, giving users a small quantity of crypto coins when they buy an upgraded account. These can be used to pay for further upgrades and other services.

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