One day left for the Bitcoin Photo Contest!

Thursday 15 October 2015

Bit4coin's photo contest is coming to an end - get your entries in now for a chance to win €1000 in BTC!

Bitcoin broker and gift card provider bit4coin's photo contest is ending on 16 October. For a shot at the prize money, head on over and upload your best bitcoin photos before it's too late.

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The aim of the contest is to liven up bitcoin media with alternatives to the overused images usually seen. 'Bitcoin lacks photos - most main-stream articles reuse the same images of physical coins. We want to change this with your help, and give back to the community with bit4coin's Bitcoin Photo Contest.'

BitScan will be one of the judges for the contest. You can browse the images that have already been uploaded without logging in. Here are some of our current favourites.


Shame Mike 'Casascius' Caldwell had to stop making his physical coins

 Contest 2

Because who doesn't like Picasso?


Contest 3

This must have taken a really long time to set up

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