Promoting bitcoin from the grass roots

Monday 12 May 2014

One of the things that is still hard to grasp for many in and outside of the bitcoin community is that there is no "Bitcoin the company.” There is no CEO or COO of bitcoin, nor do they have a mail room or an advertising budget. It is at its core, a protocol that many feel will be as groundbreaking to our world as email was.

The problem for bitcoin at this point, is getting more and more people to adopt it. With no million-dollar advertising campaign or multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials, it places the advertising job in the laps of you and I. Fortunately there are some companies who realise the need for promotion, above and beyond what goes on through the main bodies such as the Bitcoin Foundation, and are stepping up to the plate to help out. 

Bad Bitcoin is dedicated to helping you avoid those sites and schemes who only want to steal your precious bitcoins, and other alt coins such as Litecoin, Maxcoin etc. They also allow you to help out others by reporting scam sites yourself. You cango to the site and try to contact the owner and then alert users to the site flaws, dangers, or lack of transparency or give the site a little button that looks like this: 

This allows the user to feel better about the site they are on. Anyone can stick that image on their website even without ever being reviewed.

Getting Sticky

BadBitCoin has also stepped up to help out by creating a mini campaign called “Let’s Get STICKY”.

They realize the importance of advertising for bitcoin and have designed a simple sticker sheet for download to place anywhere that you won’t get into trouble for sticking them.

Bitcoin Bigfoot

Bitcoin BigfootAnother company that is going above and beyond in trying to push bitcoin to greater acceptance and recognition is Bitcoin Bigfoot. It was born out of necessity and being themselves, bitcoin activists, they realized that the community needed professional bitcoin promotional tools. 

They are calling 2014 “The Year of Adoption” and have produced brochures called “Plan ฿” that are available free to those activists willing to get out and educate the bit-curious. The Plan ฿ brochure is an attractive, professional sales tool, not a hand-out designed to do the work all alone but a tool to be employed as part of the strategy already in place by bitcoin activists around the US. Bitcoin can be a complex and time-consuming idea to explain in detail so the Plan ฿ brochure is designed to take it easy, and not overwhelm those new to bitcoin. Rather, it features a few of the benefits of using bitcoin, and spotlights the many businesses and organizations that are regularly suggested to those new to the concept.

They plan to distribute 100,000 Plan ฿ brochures to US bitcoin activists in 90 days or less, at no charge to them. The funds raised will cover the design, production, distribution, and marketing of the brochure, to achieve this goal. They hope that together they will arm bitcoin activists with a professional promotional tool, to complement their outreach, and spread bitcoin adoption.

The grass roots movement

Many believe bitcoin is the future but there is no one body to take it there quickly: no marketing genius, no highly-funded commercials or billboard campaigns. It is truly a grass roots movement, which requires effort from the whole bitcoin community to usher in anything like a new mindset. Bitcoin has its dangers. Vehicles can be used as weapons but does that mean we shouldn't drive? Teaching and empowering people to be their own bank is one way that some companies are trying to take bitcoin to the next level. Getting the word out is just another hurdle.


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