Promoting Bitcoin to Merchants – A Toolkit for Evangelists

Thursday 12 June 2014

This free PDF aims to provide a comprehensive template and body-of-knowledge for bitcoin evangelists to use to promote Bitcoin and their own consulting and implementation services. This is especially good if you have access to a sales affiliate program with a major exchange and/or payment processor, or if you are a significant holder of BTC who wishes to see BTC’s value rise on the back of healthy and well-justified merchant and consumer adoption.

The PDF template is purposely overly comprehensive, so as to allow readers to get an almost complete view of the benefits bitcoin affords to merchants and customers but to also cut out what they don’t need for a particular target merchant. It is written to be very generic, so the proposal will require some tailoring to specific industries. For example, if you are promoting Bitcoin to a charity, university, or non-profit, several of the sections in the generic template would typically be removed, and replaced with sections on why donors or students like Bitcoin. Minor edits to remove the in-general merchant focus in the proposal would also be needed.

The proposal is written from an Australian frame of reference, and will need to be localised to your particular geography. It goes without saying that the Executive Summary has to be very specific and relevant to the target merchant, ideally containing information unique to their business and business model. The sell needs to happen in the Executive Summary!
For evangelists and business developers working in the space, this PDF is available in MS Word Format, with a backing MS Excel spreadsheet that you can use to update relevant tables and figures. While the PDF is free to the public, the editable files will be available for purchase for a token sum of 3.50mBTC, to help with expenses and future releases.

This template covers the following big-ticket issues:
- What is Bitcoin?
- When, Where & How can I accept Bitcoin?
- Why Bitcoin?
o 10 reasons why merchants love it
o 6 reasons why customers love it

As always, all claims made throughout the proposal are fully referenced, with a full bibliography found at the end of the proposal for people who are interested in reading the source documents.

 Here's a link to your very own customizable toolkit!

Merchant Adoption Manual

Here's that link to your Customizable Toolkit again !

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