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Monday 13 October 2014

Revolution High is the story of a high school trying to prevent its town from self-destructing amidst the complete collapse. CryptoCurrency, war, peace and farming, AEMPCoin shows readers a revolutionary outcome of collapse. Bitscan spoke to its author Richard Janutka.

What prompted you to write Revolution High?

I became a high school teacher in New Zealand and became inspired with the potential that exists in youth today. I have always been interested in promoting permaculture to youth and thought this would be a good way to do so.
Seeing crypto currency as vital for the future as well, I encorporated it into the creation of a new society after collapse.

What is it about crypto currency that excites you and when did you first start getting involved?

I started getting involved extensively in Feb 2014. The potential in the technology in various facets of human society that historically cause society problems were too obvious for me to ignore. Seeing money as the root of all evil, is so cliche that people rarely consider how it is the root of all evil. CryptoCurrency has the potential to make money more fair and more of aand more of an crucial aspect of society that the 99% can be more part of.

revolution high

What is your own background with regards writing, publishing, crypto currency and science fiction?

I wrote the world's first didgeridoo adventure in 2005, and also wrote the rule book for an amazing risk based board game set in the Edo Jidai era of Japan (Samurai game of conquest). Both publications are extremely popular with youth.

I also have a book on Amazon about teenage brain development in relation to learning Mathematics. It is a rescue manual to intellectually force people to start fresh with math learning - and it works very well.

Are you primarily targeting a younger/teenage/young adult audience with this book - if so, why this age group?

Teenagers and young adults are enjoying my book a lot. I targeted this age group for the following main reasons:
- CryptoCurrency needs more culture and introducing it to teenagers through culture (a book) paves the way for more wide-spread use in the future.
- local farming/gardening needs to flourish more in society and entertaining teenagers while showing them the virtues of self-sustainability paves the way for more people to think about growing their own food.

Your main character is a regular, teenage boy, what was the reason behind making teenagers the protagonists?

Teenagers are naive and it is easy to peal away this naivety of characters with my direct and entertaining style. I am around hundreds of teenagers everyday and I feel like I understand them well. So, my interactions make for good fodder for character building and development. Sam, the main character, really is the average high school boy, making the most number of readers be able to relate to him.

Why do you think it is important to be tackling the issues of debt, the global economy and crypto currency right now?

Max Keiser in a lot of ways proves that financial terrorism is destroying main street, small business and families. I truly believe this is happening and it is intentional. The mathematics behind it are obvious as well, if you look at some basic facts:
The top 1% has all the money, and horde immense quantities of it. They also created a system where they can fund war, profit with rebuilding and lucrative contracts for extracting resources - and the public foots the bill for war.
Since cryptocurrency cannot be printed, and involves the highest levels of trust between users for both value and functionality - I believe that cryptocurrency has the power to democratize finance and make the funding of war more difficult. Democratization/decentralization of all things will occur due to the blockchain, and it is this that I want people to realize the most so that it actually happens in the future.

What would you say are the underlying or deeper messages you are hoping to convey through this ebook?

Humans, although occupying their bodies all their lives, know little about what they are truly capable of perceiving, conceptualizing and creating (in a physical and mental sense).

Do you think the story serves as some kind of warning or potential future prediction for our society?

Yes. As far as food shortages go, this is already happening in many parts of the world, and it is an economically driven factor. Inflation of food prices is through the roof even in the western world. I believe that a major food shock is highly probable, and entirely avoidable with more focus on the culture of growing food.
As far as economic collapse goes, history shows facts and it is a fact that every fiat currency goes to value zero at some point. It will most likely be a digital age crisis (cyberwar) that causes the most catastrophic problems. I don't believe the economy is capable of collapsing (globally) in its entirety, since it is such a multi-connected and woven system - thus, if there is economic collapse it would occur from some calamity.

How have sales been going so far?

Slow. There has been far less support from the crypto community than I thought. In my mind, it is simple: promote crypto culture to youth! The biggest hold-up for the crypto community right now is the understanding/normalization and usage of the technology is not status quo. Entertaining teenagers with the possibilities of cryptos is a massively important key to all developments for this community ~ so I am really wondering what is up with the community.

People that have read it love it - especially teenagers. The bounty idea was amazing and got readers much more involved.

Where are you selling the ebook? (for btc)



Are there plans to expand or write further books on this or have a print run of any kind?

I'd like to hook up with a wholesale publisher to high school libraries. It is such a tough and massively over saturated industry that it is hard to get noticed.

I will write the sequal next year, but am more focused right now on the publication of my board game:
Edo Jidai - will be on sale for BTC, stay tuned... 

Louise Goss

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