Sick man receives $9,000 anonymous crypto donation

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Crypto communities can showcase some of the worst the web has to offer - so it’s nice when you see a surprise like this.

‘I'm in need of ~8000 USD, because I need to go in the hospital for a long time.’

Usually, this kind of message might be treated with scepticism and suspicion. Let’s face it, the anonymity of the web makes it a great place for scams, and crypto doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being fraud-free.

In this case, though, the guy posting, who calls himself Ebby, wasn’t asking for donations. He was selling a large stash of assets at below market price because he was desperate and running out of time to raise the money. 


This guy did a lot more than raid his piggy bank or look down the back of the sofa

Ebby has been a long-term member of the Nxt community, and has devoted a good slab of his time, effort and experience to a bunch of different projects - as well as investing in several popular assets. Like most people on the forums, he uses a pseudonym and doesn’t give away personal details; the internet is full of strange people and keeping a firewall between open-access forums and real-life is often a good idea unless you have a reason not to.

Despite offering his assets cheap, he wasn’t able to attract enough buyers - he was a large shareholder in a couple, and selling that much at once isn’t easy. Dump them on the open market and you crash the price, so OTC is the only way to go.

Then one day, out of the blue, he received an anonymous donation of 1 million NXT - at the time, around $9,000. The generous donor simply sent him the money, no questions asked. He didn’t come forwards and ask for thanks or recognition, or any form of acknowledgement at all. He just made the transfer.

Ebby’s response was predictably delighted and overwhelmed.

Today I got a huge amount from a unknown nxt community member.

I'm SO happy now to get this going now and I no longer have to fear that I'm not getting the money for the hospital together.
Many thanks to all and especially to the unknown who made this possible. That makes me very happy.
This community is the awesome!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

It’s one thing to give money to a friend in need. It’s another to make an anonymous donation to someone you care about. It’s another thing again for one person to make a substantial and anonymous donation to another person in need they have never met. Wow.

It’s a funny old world, crypto.

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