Stratis launch network and distribute tokens

Monday 15 August 2016

Two weeks after its successful crowdfund, custom blockchain platform Stratis has launched its network with a new client.

Stratis is an interesting project I’ve been following for a while. The idea is to create a platform that allows businesses to launch their own bespoke blockchains, customised for their specific needs, without the hassle of creating whole new networks, downloading their own blockchains, mining and all the other time, financial and expertise overheads that come with doing it from scratch. Enterprises will specify what they need with a few clicks, then launch their chain - which will be secured on the main Stratis chain and accessed through a web interface.

Stratis’s ICO got off to a shaky start and it looked like it wouldn’t raise enough to fund development, but a late surge saw a total of 915 BTC collected, meaning the project was viable. The team have released a preliminary wallet so that coins can be withdrawn from the ICO site and traded ahead of further development. One of the major elements of Stratis, alongside the custom side-chains, is the creation of a C# bitcoin client. Like many other crypto platforms, Stratis is based on a bitcoin clone, but rewriting bitcoin Core (originally C++) in a more popular and accessible language should open development to a new tranche of developers.


Stratis's client will be familiar to most crypto users, pending the addition of further features

Downloading the wallet and getting started is straightforward. You can find the latest downloads on the bitcointalk thread. For Windows users it’s a simple case of unzipping the wallet and launching the .exe - it takes under a minute to get up and running. The wallet itself is a reskinned version of the qt client that will be familiar to most crypto users, pending further functionality.

If you missed out on the ICO, Stratis is trading on Bittrex. For more information, see

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