Stratis node offers faster, more decentralised bitcoin development

Monday 25 July 2016

The blockchain-as-a-service platform includes a C# bitcoin full node as part of its strategy

Stratis, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform currently crowdfunding money for development, will offer a full node in C# as a key milestone in the project.

BaaS is based on the idea that most businesses will not want to code their own blockchain solutions from scratch, and will not have the resources or expertise to maintain a network of computers running nodes. It therefore makes sense to secure new, customisable blockchains on an existing and established chain, accessing them through lite clients that require no blockchain download for users. Stratis applies such a cloud computing paradigm to rapid blockchain deployment.


Stratis offers a cloud computing approach to blockchain deployment

C# bitcoin node

Stratis’ main chain will be based on a complete rewrite of Bitcoin Core, and every Stratis node will be able to run a bitcoin full node. However, unlike the current Bitcoin Core client, Stratis bitcoin nodes will be built in C#, rather than C++. ‘This is a critical development,’ project founder Chris Trew told us. ‘C# is far more widely used than C++, especially in the business community. It is a higher-level language, easier to learn, and it’s harder to make mistakes that might compromise the security of the protocol.’

The C# node software is being coded by Nicholas Dorier, who has contributed to the current bitcoin protocol. By creating a full node in C#, Stratis opens bitcoin development to a significantly wider pool of talent than the highly specialised group of C++ bitcoin developers. ‘The hope and intention is that this will decentralise development further, allowing new developers to come on board and offer their expertise and ideas,’ continues Chris.


Stratis will therefore support the bitcoin ecosystem and facilitate faster development whilst pursuing its own aims of cloud-based BaaS. The project has currently raised over $500,000, which will be used to fund the creation of the C# client, developing the sidechains capabilities in parallel. ‘The C# client is one of the first aspects of the project we will deliver. Everything else will be based on that functionality, but we’re glad that in the process of doing that, we can add value to the bitcoin ecosystem and hopefully attract a new generation of blockchain developers.’

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