The bitcoin card game

Monday 04 July 2016

Take a look at this crowdfund for the Bitcoin Empire game!

Suck at trading bitcoins? Well, here’s a new card game where players compete to collect the most BTC.

This Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise £5,000, which is considerably less in USD than it was a couple of weeks back, to create the game. The team says they came up with the idea after playing Dragon’s Hoard in a board game cafe. (I am not a gambling man, but I would wager that at least one of them also owns a Star Wars t-shirt.)

The game sounds kinda fun, but I really like those bookshelves.

Bitcoin Empire is billed as the first ever bitcoin card game, aimed at board game geeks and crypto enthusiasts (shot in the dark: the intersection between those groups is larger than random variation might suggest). It features 54 full colour poker-sized cards, featuring different characters on them. You’ll recognise many of them from the bitcoin world; people with names like Vernon, Bruce, Satoshi and even Dorian.

It’s a short, 15-minute game comprising a Mining phase, Draw phase, and Action phase. In the Action phase you go head-to-head against the other players using special characteristics your cards have. You might mount a legal challenge, a smear campaign or a hack against them - all of which can be cancelled by playing a Bribe card. You can even claim to be Satoshi, increasing all of your skills - but if someone else signs a message from the Genesis block, all the other Satoshi cards are discarded.

So yes, it may feature one or two in-jokes. What did you expect?

Delivery date for the game is November 2016 and the crowdfund will run to mid-August. Fork out extra cash and you’ll get an advert in there; stump up a small fortune and you’ll get your own card with your given statistics.

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