The Bitcoin Christmas Shopping Guide

Friday 12 December 2014

The festive season is upon us and most of us are looking for suitable gifts to buy for our loved ones. If you are a crypto currency owner you might be looking for ways in which you can use some of your crypto to purchase your holiday gifts. There are ,of course, some benefits to doing your holiday shopping using bitcoins. For one thing, bitcoins are a far more secure method of payment than your credit card, so if you use them, there’s little reason to fear identity thieves as other shoppers might. 

Whoever you're looking to please this festive season, we've got it covered. Check out our list of cool gifts that you can buy with bitcoin.

Gifts for Men

Motown Beard OilExquisite Mo Town "Cuba St. Beard Oil, blended by hand to strengthen and enhance your beard and sootheskin irritation.It smells like rich dark chocolate and coffee beans sourced from far-off places, culminating in asmell which is pretty irresistible and it's hard to stop yourself picking up the bottle for a taste. Available from MoTown Moustache Wax


Fully Customisable leather watch strap from Strapping FellowSF uses high quality Horween leather and handmade construction to deliver the most comfortable, stylish, and durable leather watch straps available.

strapping fellow watch

5% of the proceeds go to support entrepreneurs in developing countries in creating their own sustainable business though aninternational micro-loan program called Kiva.

sunglasses tens

Sunglasses from Tens Life. Tens is defined by the idea of filtering the things you see through our custom, sense-heightening lens tint. Whilst typical sunglasses block out the light with desaturated, cold colours; Tens work with the warmth of the sun to lend an uplifting tint to the world beyond the lens. The lens features UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays.

Doctor Who Levitating Spinning Tardis from Fortress Geek. Learn to levitate this Time Lords Spinning TARDIS so it actually floatsin midair! With a little flick of the wrist, it's spinning and spinning and spinning! It does take a little practice, but who doesn't like a challenge? And it's well worth the effort as this extraordinary desktop curiosity keeps people amazed and entertained for hours. Every office and home should have one of these great gadgets! 

Gifts for women

cloche hat

French vintage original flapper cloche hat. 

The brand tag reads “Haute Mode au Printemps”. Cloche hats were all the rage during the roaring ’20s and were worn by flippant and fashionable young women, commonly known as flappers, who were experimenting in new and liberating forms of women’s fashion. This cloche hat is an original, worn low on the head by a real-life flapper many decades ago. It’s an elegant cloche hat with a bit of whimsy and caprice, just like the girls that donned them. Available from Piaf Vintage.

women espadrille

Lola, the classic high wedge heeled espadrille 100% handstitched in Spain from Espadrilles Store. A variety of styles and sizes for men, women and children, available online or in their Montreal store.

Handmade silver and gold jewelry from Happy Art Studio.

Current work consists of a combination of silversmithing and painting and found objects.

The classic Chanel No.5.has long been known for being one of the strongest fragrances withinthe Chanel fragrance line. it is afragrance for a woman that is all about confidence, beauty and yes...strength. Originally created for Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, herself; this fragrance has long since had a reputation for it's classic symbolism within the Chanel empire.

Purchase using bitcoin at Verbena products.

For more great gift ideas check out the directory at

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