The Hidden Keys Game: The mystery deepens

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Well, it's been solved! The final solution was 'S3curityRi5k2ne7workfLynG4i6jw': 'Security risk to network', plus some additional characters. That starts to give an idea of what's going on and why my uncle has disappeared.

As it happens, this puzzle was even harder to solve than it should have been due to a small error in the text which further confused the code, so congratulations to the winner and don't forget to be in touch to claim your bonus. Well done to everyone else who got close.

See the puzzle below:


The mystery of the hidden bitcoin fortune and the my missing uncle continues. He finally sent me another message last night, using the same method – a ‘dead drop’ using an email saved in draft form in my account. The subject of the email was:

‘Happy 35th birthday – 132Ct3t8jX7oC5aQNm7yjkb5m4tQbNLGKJ’.

There were a number of things about it that didn’t add up for me, not least the content of the email itself, which I’ve pasted below. The first third or so was bold again, like the last puzzle he sent me. The style is quite unlike anything else I’ve read from him. And there are some further oddities and inconsistencies in the text itself, though I’ll need to check those to make sure.

If you want some background that might help, take a look at previous episodes here and here. As I figure out more of what’s going on, I’ll post what I learn here.

The text of the email was as follows:

You were interested in the concept we discussed some time ago, which quite understandably is just inconceivable to most. 1996 was the year I initially saw this idea due to the reprint of 1994’s weirdest book, The Bible Code. Goodness knows what people found so compelling about it, but any Hebraist would be unconvinced. (Learn it yourself if you are not – find an online guide.)

At any rate, know that what the author’s describing is impossible. Try this yourself. Look out for any ‘secret’ words spelled in regular texts. 78,064 letters in the book of Genesis; take every 50th letter when you get to the first ‘taw’ (t). After 250 characters you spell ‘Torah’, known also as the Pentateuch or 5 first/holiest books of the Jewish Bible. Impressive? Not quite.

Really it is statistically very likely (certain) to occur. Nevertheless you may prefer to check into other texts to see what you really get ‘between the lines’. You might be surprised. Just start counting at the right point. And 3 variables to bear in mind here: Skip distance, start letter and direction.

bitcoin private key mystery

The past puzzles, which might help you with the way my uncle's mind works can be found below:

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As I think of how to solve this next puzzle to the private key, I will post clues below. If you succeed in cracking the code and finding the bitcoin, let us know to claim the bonus prize. Use the comments box, email or twitter and... Good Luck!


Although the email mentions other books, the weird style convinces me that any hidden message is in the text he sent me itself. There are inconsistencies I have spotted, but I'm still not sure where to start...

Here's a thought: After a little research into the arcane subject of Equidistant Letter Sequences, it suggests that you should ignore spaces and punctuation – Hebrew manuscripts didn’t have either of these. The earliest manuscripts were just a string of letters, nothing more.

Hmmm, this one has me pretty stumped and it seems it's proving a hard code to crack. However, if this is another mini private key, it has to start with an 'S'.


CONGRATULATIONS to the winner! It was a tricky one...

Brandon Hurst

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