The Viral Exchange: crypto social media

Thursday 03 December 2015

The Viral Exchange (TVE) is launching, a fusion of two powerful technologies.

Social networking has firmly established itself as a very 21st century phenomenon. Given the nature of social media, what better technology to combine it with than the peer-to-peer cash offered by crypto? That’s just what one initiative, The Viral Exchange, is doing.

TVE is a social platform with an emphasis on growth-hacking-as-a-service. A social media presence is a necessity in today’s business world, but many organisations lack the time and expertise to do it right. That’s where TVE comes in by enabling businesses to accelerate the process of connecting with consumers and supporters - and the lead-generation that results. Put simply: like, view or follow another member’s social media pages with any of a number of social networks, and you’ll be rewarded with Viral points. These can be used to purchase new users. They can also be withdrawn as a number of different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Nxt and Blitz.

A major problem with such initiatives, and social networking in general, is the armies of bots that ‘fake’ likes, astroturfing a presence without interaction from real users. TVE has extensive bot protection. The lead developer, Killakem, has a background in internet search and SEO and once specialised in creating bots to game some of the largest sites on the web. ‘I’m now on the other side of the fence waging war against bots and automation,’ he comments.

Check out TVE's video on YouTube.

You can log in with Facebook or Twitter, or sign up independently. It’s very easy and intuitive to use. Users create orders to attract followers, likes and so on, paying in Viral Points. It’s highly configurable in terms of demographics, too. These points can be earned by other users when they carry out the actions you specify. Points are only released once the given actions are executed.

TVE is an extremely interesting initiative, combining two powerful technologies. Watch this spot, because my guess is that this is going to be an extremely popular fusion of ideas, solving a number of problems including user adoption.

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