Three ways to make money with Qora

Wednesday 09 December 2015

Ronny Boesing, CEO of Danish exchange CCEDK, offers free QBITS for kicking off the decentralised movement with Qora.

Qora, a second-generation cryptocurrency platform that all but disappeared from sight last year, is set to make a comeback with a stunning feature-set and the support of Denmark’s #1 exchange, CCEDK.

Qora is a proof-of-stake coin that requires no miners – thereby aligning the interests of coin holders with those who secure the network. Its development roadmap included an asset exchange for crypto-stocks; aliasing (a way to associate information with strings of characters, enabling all kinds of applications including decentralised DNS registration); decentralised voting; encrypted or plain-text arbitrary messages, and more. Qora made a splash at the beginning of 2014, but despite its impressive set of 2.0 features it faltered and then crashed into obscurity. Now, with a new dev team, new marketing and further unique additions to its universal wallet, it looks set to be the phoenix of crypto.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK and decentralised fintech platform OpenLedger, plus founder of OBITS currency - a catch-all for revenues from current and future innovative projects on his exchange - is offering rewards of QBITS (a ‘social currency’ hosted on OpenLedger and backed 1:1 by Qora, plus further referral revenues) for getting the word out about Qora.


QBITS is hosted on decentralised fintech platform OpenLedger

Getting started

Start by visiting to find out what Qora is all about. Then, read the introduction to OpenLedger and sign up for an account.

Signed up? You just received your first reward - 1,000 QBITS will be sent to your account!

Ok, now for Qora itself. Go to, choose the newly-released wallet version qora-v0.24.0 (according to your PC), and download it to your computer. Then get your free 10 Qora from the faucet to get you started.

Right, now you’re ready! Here are three ways you can start making money with Qora.

  1. Write an article, using Qora’s decentralised blogging feature - then tweet a link to @ccedk_ along with your OpenLedger account. You’ll receive 1,000 QBITS! You can find plenty of information in the links at the bottom. If you write 5 articles a day, that’s 35,000 QBITS in a week. Take a look at the video tutorial on Qora’s blogging feature. You can market your articles for free with - we suggest up to five automatic tweets a day, 3 hours apart. For information on creating a blog post, check out this link (Slack sign up required) or take a look at the video below. If you are writing about OBITS, be sure to include the material in the following article (giving it your own unique treatment, of course) in your blog for a 20,000 QBITS bonus:,20498.msg264502.html#msg264502
  2. Create a decentralised website with Qora, featuring any material about,, or the NanoCard. These can include simple ‘how to’ tutorials. Watch the video tutorial for creating websites. Let us know on Twitter and you’ll receive 10,000 QBITS. Read a tutorial here (Slack sign up required).
  3. Upgrade to lifetime membership on OpenLedger (costs 20,000 BTS, or around $70/0.187 BTC. Every time someone signs up for OpenLedger via your affiliate link, you’ll get residual income! You can include these links in your articles on Qora. (If you don’t have lifetime membership, you can use the link: and thereby add value to QBITS through further fees, benefiting everyone.)

How to make a blog post on the Qora system

Remember: every time you want to get paid, you need to send a tweet to @ccedk_ along with the link and your OpenLedger address. Please add as many hashtags as possible. For example:

Welcome to the world of #OBITS! @ccedk_ BitscanBTS #OpenLedger #CCEDK #OpenBTC #BTS

That’s it! It’s that easy to get up and running and start making money with Qora and OpenLedger. Thanks for reading this far and welcome to the start of an exciting new decentralised movement!

Want to find out more about Qora? The following links are good places to start for information for articles and videos:

To find out more about OBITS, the cryptocurrency representing revenues from all of Ronny's projects, take a look at,20498.msg264502.html#msg264502

This article was sponsored by Ronny Boesing and CCEDK.

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