Top 5 places to spend your bitcoins

Tuesday 01 September 2015

Want to put those coins to good use? Here are five places to do it.

Bitcoin has been dismissed as a solution without a problem, and yet the bitcoin economy continues to grow. Velocity of money (basically, people using money as money rather than hoarding it as an asset) is an important part of that. So, if you believe in the concept of trustless, independent cash, it’s time to start putting your money where your mouth is. Here are five great places to spend your bitcoins.

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You can buy just about anything you might want for bitcoin, as well as quite a few things you've probably never considered before

1) Fiverr. One of my personal favourites. Fiverr is a great site to get small jobs done - a new logo for your business or website, art, slideshows, videos, minor dev work and hundreds of other things. Prices start at $5. Unlike other freelancer sites, it’s not a race to the bottom: there are some incredibly talented people on there, and you can get some great work done for $5. 

2) Overstock. These guys deserve a mention as bitcoin pioneers, taking virtual currency payments while the rest of the business community was laughing behind its hands. A while back, Overstock published a list of the top items people buy on the site for bitcoin. Some of the most popular? Sheets, area rugs and headphones. But then, what would you expect? Overstock is hardly the darkweb and it seems like a lot of bitcoiners are actually pretty normal people.

3) Your local bitcoin accepting pub/cafe/butcher. There’s a certain satisfaction to walking into a pub and ordering a pint of beer and a pack of pork scratchings in return for your magical internet money. Of course, depending on where you live you might be limited in what you can buy. Try checking out BitScan’s business directory for nearby bitcoin-accepting merchants, or a Google search for your town - you might be surprised at what turns up.

4) Donate. Plenty of charities and other campaigns now accept bitcoins. The Red Cross, for example, or Rand Paul’s presidential campaign, if you’re inclined that way. You might also like to send a few bits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or to Wikileaks, if you’re concerned about erosion of privacy, surveillance and a bunch of other scary things done in the name of freedom.

5) Gold. Vaultoro allows you to buy gold for bitcoin without verification. It’s held in secure vaults and fully ensured, plus the platform is a joy to use. You can even take physical possession of the gold if you own enough.

Otherwise, there are vast numbers of stores and sites that accept bitcoins for all kinds of goods and services. Have a hunt around and let us know your favourites - or if you own a bitcoin-accepting business, drop us a line and tell us why you’re so great!

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