Vault Coin competition winners announced!

Wednesday 08 July 2015

Here are the three winners to our Vault Coin competition...

A couple of weeks back we ran a competition for the best crypto pictures you could snap, draw, render, paint or tattoo. The winners would get a Vault Coin each - a fantastic little security coin for keeping your physical private keys safe.

Here are the three winning entries:


This awesome image comes courtesy of Roberto Capodieci, who runs DeBuNe, the Decentralised Business Network. A couple of his former employees created this for his birthday. The picture actually isn't a bad likeness, either...



The next one is courtesy of Arthur, whose has started his nephew William on an early career in crypto (recognise the logo?)


Lastly, Sophie, age 6, has drawn a great picture of Daddy doing his work with crypto. Another early starter and, with all those fingers, her daddy is likely to be a wizard with a keyboard.


We'll be in touch with the winners to organise postage of your Vault Coins. Congratulations!

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