WAVES lite client and launch schedule

Tuesday 31 May 2016

WAVES lite client will be available directly after ICO ends, with trading enabled on exchanges from mid-June.

After WAVES’ remarkable seven-week ICO, during which millions of dollars worth of BTC was collected, investors will be able to withdraw their tokens within days.

WAVES client

WAVES lite client (preview)

The lite client (above) is a clean and highly user-friendly interface to the network. It is designed to be downloaded to a local computer and run from Chrome, rather than accessed from a web link. No blockchain download is required. A link for the download will be provided at the end of the ICO.

Mainnet will launch on 2 June, but initially will rely on nodes hosted by the WAVES team. This is to ensure a stable and secure network, allowing for iterations and optimisation as required, before the code is released and anyone is able to run a node. The WAVEStalk forum will also be launched immediately after ICO.

During the initial phase, investors can move tokens to their own addresses from their ICO log-in areas. Bounties will be distributed. This stage will take around two weeks to allow everybody to withdraw their funds, and to allow a full security audit to be conducted.

On 14 June the code to run a node will be released to exchanges, and official trading on exchanges will start. Further functionality such as Voting and the Asset Exchange will be added in the coming months.

After ICO

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