WAVES wallet release and installation

Tuesday 14 June 2016

The WAVES alpha wallet is out, withdrawals are enabled from the ICO site, and trading will shortly begin on supporting exchanges. And that’s just the beginning...

After a massively successful ICO, which raised almost 30,000 BTC - just short of $16 million at the time, and thanks to the recent rise, around $21 million - WAVES mainnet has launched its Lite wallet. It’s a really nice interface: fast, easy to use and great to look at.


Mainnet is running, the lite client is available and withdrawals from the ICO site are active

Once you're up and running (see below) it's pretty much self-explanatory, especially if you're familiar with other wallets. But a regular bitcoin-qt clone this is not, and you can see right off the bat the kind of functionality it's going to have down the line (right now it's the alpha, so only WAVES transactions are possible).

Getting set up

Right now the lite wallet is the only way to access the WAVES network. Code and instructions for full nodes will shortly be made available, but in the early days network stability is the priority. (Exchanges will get a copy to enable transactions, since a lite wallet is not suitable for them.)

A few things to remember as you download and run the Lite client:

  • Before installing it, delete all previous versions if you have been helping to test the client.
  • Clear cookies, cache and so on (Ctrl+Shift+Del in Chrome).
  • Record your SEED. This cannot be stressed heavily enough. You can generate a new seed in the client or use your own random string of characters of sufficient entropy (such as a bitcoin private key). Either way, you must write this down, save it on another media or otherwise keep it as backup. Without the seed you may ultimately lose access to your WAVES account.
  • The Lite client is optimised for Chrome. You can use it with other browsers but Chrome will provide the best performance.

Once you’re up and running, paste your WAVES address into the box in your ICO user account. Withdrawals are made in batches, so it may take a little while for the WAVES to appear in your wallet.

You can download the Lite client from these links:



There’s going to be plenty more to come in the next few weeks and months, with new functionality and a bunch of new partnerships and initiatives announced.

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