BitTrust recognises the need to establish trust between online trading partners, particularly when transacting in crypto-currencies where no insurance safety net exists to protect the consumer. BitTrust fills this need, allowing merchants to demonstrate their authenticity to consumers and build their trust credentials as their bitcoin trading history grows.

The more bitcoin transactions a merchant completes through BitScan, the higher their BitTrust score climbs. However, on completion of every BitScan hosted transaction, the consumer is invited to indicate their satisfaction through an up or down vote, which immediately impacts on the merchant’s BitTrust score and profile.

In the worst case, merchant account suspension is an option in the event of sustained negative feedback. However, to ensure fair play, BitScan imposes strict rules on consumer voting with consumer account suspension an option in cases of attempted defamation.

Once created, a merchant’s BitTrust score and profile are displayed against their business listing any store they create and any products they list. This BitTrust widget can also be uploaded to a merchant’s website and worn as a badge of honour which demonstrates authenticity, credibility and trustworthiness to potential customers.