The office 2LS Architecture, 7 years on the market, is the result of a partnership that unites art, diversity and creativity. The architects Suellen Montenegro and Larissa Vinegar develop various projects such as residential, commercial, shows, design, among others.
Suellen The partnership between Montenegro and Larissa Vinegar is synonymous with creativity, mixing materials with boldness. Understand the steps involved in the design and development process of the project to monitor the execution of the work and amaze customers' expectations, providing unique environments.
's office has a team of young and aligned production, and fixed employees and external partners as the need.
2LS The architecture produces projects with the unmistakable mark of an architecture that emphasizes comfort, simplicity, sophistication and a harmonious aesthetic.



Avenida Presidente Epitácio Pessoa, 1843-2057 - Bairro dos Estados, João Pessoa - Paraíba, Brazil


+55 83 3224.4657


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