AJ Processing
Typing & Transcription Service Offers:

• Transcription of podcasts, film, radio, depositions, meetings, lectures, conferences, interviews from audio/video cassette, compact disk, DVD and/or MP3. We can even walk you through on how to record and send directly from your smartphone or tablet.
• Complimentary backups of your audio cassettes on MP3 CDs.
• Formatting in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
• Typing, OCR/PDF Scanning, and proofreading.
• Macro writing/running for quick automated data entry.
For submitting audio/video for transcription, we recommend recording to a digital format such as MP3/MP4. This way you can simply upload your recording directly to our web site for transcription. We will help set you up at no charge.
Call (512) 835-0339

write to [email protected]
or visit www.AJProcessing.Com





(512) 835-0339

AJ Processing

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