Bay Area Home Inspections is a building inspection group that specializes in property inspections and preservation. We have been serving customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2008.
Our clients include homeowners, prospective home buyers, investors, non-profit agencies, condominium and HOA associations, public agencies, attorneys, real estate agencies and brokerage firms acting on the behalf of home buyers or sellers. They know that they can always count on us for accurate, reliable information.
Our home inspection team includes General Contractors, Architects, Certified Inspectors, Structural Engineers and Home Efficiency Inspectors. Each member of our team has a minimum 10 years of experience. Our ongoing training program – twenty days per year – ensures that our inspectors always use the latest in property inspection tools and technologies. We use state-of-the-art infrared scanners, concrete scanners, leak detection devices, smokers, air testing units, cameras and efficiency software. We can accurately assess your home’s real condition and value within hours.
When your home inspection is complete, we provide a detailed, easy-to-understand inspection report with a realistic assessment of your home’s condition and clear recommendations. Instant report availability and cloud computing lets Bay Area Home Inspections pass valuable information to you quickly and conveniently. Our high definition report illustrations let you zoom in to see every detail.



660 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA



Bay Area Home Inspections

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