We are at your service for:

Boat Cleaning - All cleaning: interior, exterior, hull, keel (with immersion cleaning process by robots), washing sails

Boat Sitting - Monitoring your boat: visit once or twice per month (according to formulas), response before and after the wind blows

Rental assistance - Reduce costs: the rental of your boat to individuals you will have additional income to cover your boat. We are here to manage tenants and make check-in and check-out of your boat.

Boat Tracking - Remote monitoring: with the introduction of a tag you will be alerted as soon as any abnormality: bilge pump, intrusion, perimeter sorite navigation ...

Boat Staging - While selling his boat: we help you sell your boat - cleaning, inspection, repair, shooting, advertisements etc ...

Boat Management - All annual maintenance: engine overhaul, fairing (we recommend reliable and environmentally responsible solutions) - All repair or rehabilitation



Rue Jean le Coutaller, 56100 Lorient, France




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