Bitcoin Black Friday is a bit complicated. We make it simple for everyone!

Usually, this day gives us headaches, everybody is desperate to find out the best offers, servers work very slow so your chances to buy your desired product decrease significantly, but not anymore! Bitcoin Black Friday is the most important commerce event of the year for Bitcoin merchants and Bitcoin users seeking serious discounts. The event will take place on November 27th with over 2.000 merchants expected to take part in this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday.

Our team is already working hard to gather information about thousands of deals and discounts from all Bitcoin merchants with plans for Bitcoin Black Friday 2015. Offers appear from nowhere. We constantly update our database and check our sources everyday so there will be no offer on the internet that you wouldn’t know about. It’s that simple.

It’s our responsibility to make sure Bitcoin will have a top place in the world of payment and prove to everyone that bitcoin can be used very efficiently for online commerce. As you may know, Bitcoin is decentralized, so your contribution to this community is also VERY important. Help us by spreading the word to your friends and family. We hope you understand that Bitcoin Black Friday is a very good opportunity to increase the popularity of Bitcoin and push toward mainstream acceptance of bitcoin.



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