We love our English Bulldogs! First and foremost we are Bulldog owners and breeding English bulldogs is our love and passion. Each English Bulldog puppy that leaves our house is loved and cherished and all our Bulldogs are family owned and none live in a kennel. For information on buying an English Bulldog please visit our puppy page at English Bulldog Puppies for sale.

All our English Bulldogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or The American Kennel Club. We are not an official bulldog rescue but if you know of a bulldog in need of rescue please contact us and we will try to assist you in finding shelter. If you are interested in adopting an English Bulldog rescue dog or are available for temporary placement please send us your contact details and we will notify you "if and when" there is an English Bulldog in need.




514) 242-7273


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