Canapé started as a pop-up restaurant in August of 2011 with Chef Matthew Gould devising a concept that would provide diners a taste of something different for one night only.
Today Canapé still focuses on ever-changing menus with a focus on hospitality, excellence, and community.
Gould and his team take pride in the flexibility of their food, which comes from a sincere desire to create comforting, yet modern and original fare. An abundance of flavor profiles will titillate the palate, as the cocktails and wine and beer lists are defined by artisanal care

Located in the Brooklyn Arts District on 4th Street, only a few blocks from downtown Wilmington and PPD, Canapé looks forward to impacting its neighborhood in a positive manner. They present monthly art shows, feature live music on weekends, as well as welcome organizations and nonprofits to host events in an open and eclectic dining room.



1001 North 4th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401, USA




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