Coin Of Sale is a web-based Bitcoin payment processing solution works via any web browser. Just use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Enter the sale amount. Your customer scans a QR code that appears on screen and the payment is processed. That's it! You can also administer your account using our built in payment processing and employee management tools.

Coin Of Sale is run by real people, living real lives, making a real living selling stuff -- just like you. We work with all categories of businesses all over the world; from barkeepers and baristas, doctors and dentists, ring makers and restaurateurs, wine sellers and watchmakers.

Besides encouraging the adoption of digital currency, we are advocates for the retailers we partner with. Releasing a great product and supporting it with compassionate customer service always trumps the bottom line. We get excited when our clients generate higher sales revenue.



344 King George's Avenue, Singapore 208576


+65 8181 5817

Coin of Sale

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