Coinsecure aims to tackle several challenges that have supressed the progress of growth within the Indian ecosystem. We aim to design a wide range of software and hardware that caters to every Bitcoiner's need.
We will start by launching a block explorer for India in the next few weeks. And many more explosive builds to follow.
We have a young and energetic team of Developers, Animators, Graphics Designers, Brand Managers and Startup Champions.
We also have some of the best Security researchers in the industry working with us on various aspects of the build. Getting the best, helps us optimize the speed without compromising on security. We will also participate actively in bug bounty programmes.
All this technology is backed by a rock solid team of Lawyers, Accountants, Lobbyists and Management veterans.
Our goal is to educate, simplify and enable. With this moto, we will be enabling a wide range of merchants, developers, stakeholders and other parts of the ecosystem who need easy access to Bitcoin in India.

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Gospel Street, Bagalur Layout, Sagayapura, Richards Town, Bangalore, Karnataka 560084, India


+91 77608 66137


Opening Hours

Day Open Close
Monday 00:00 23:30
Tueday 00:00 23:30
Wednesday 00:00 23:30
Thurday 00:00 23:30
Friday 00:00 23:30
Saturday 00:00 23:30
Sunday 00:00 23:30

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